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Lockdown - Frequently Asked Questions
Lockdown - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that you may have regarding Emergency Lockdowns

Can parents or guardians go in or out of a locked down school?

Parents, guardians and others wishing to go in or go out of a locked down school will only be allowed to do so if and when it is safe for the school’s students and staff.  It may not be safe, however, until the danger or threat of danger is gone.

How will I know if there is an emergency, evacuation, or lockdown?

The school board will broadcast emergency messages, when necessary, over the radio, television and/or internet. General emergency messages, including school closings, can be found on the KPDSB’s web site,  Parents are encouraged to check these sources for updates during emergency situations.

Parents are asked not to call their children’s school during an emergency because this can tie up phone lines and make it difficult for the staff to use the phones as needed during the emergency.

Will I be allowed to pick up my child?

In an emergency, the KPDSB’s most important duty is to keep students and staff safe until the danger or threat is reduced or gone. To keep everyone safe, parents must wait to pick up their children if public safety officials say that there is a reason why people cannot enter the school during the emergency.

Please remember that sometimes staying in the school is the safest place your children could be. Also, remember that having people going in and out of the school during an emergency may increase the danger to your children.

Is school cancelled in an emergency?

School is not always cancelled in an emergency because in some situations, the school may be the safest place for children to be. This may be true, for example, in a bad snow storm or hurricane.

What if the school is evacuated and the students are taken somewhere else?

If public safety officials decide a school building must be evacuated, students and staff will be taken to a safe location, as part of the school’s evacuation plan. Parents and guardians of the students should listen to the radio or television during the emergency or consult the board’s website.

If you would like more information on what happens in school emergencies, please ask the office staff or principal of your school.