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KPDSB, City of Dryden and KDSB announce partnership for child care spaces in Dryden

13 Jun. 2016

Media Release - June 13, 2016

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB), City of Dryden, and the Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) are pleased to announce a new partnership to move existing child care programs from the City of Dryden’s Children’s Resource Centre into the KPDSB’s New Prospect Public School and Open Roads Public School in Dryden.  The partnership follows the Government of Ontario’s vision to locate child care spaces in schools (or link programs to schools) to create seamless transitions for children and families.

The current Toddler and Preschool Programs at the Dryden Children’s Resource Centre will begin their transition into New Prospect and Open Roads for the 2016-2017 school year.  A total of 46 child care spaces will be available to families between the two schools.  The Dryden Nursery School Co-op will also remain at New Prospect Public School.

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, as well as school staff, are excited to welcome new families to New Prospect and Open Roads as we work together to support families in Dryden and the surrounding areas.

KDSB Chief Administrative Officer, Henry Wall, said “As the Service System Manager for Early Years Programs in the Kenora District, the Kenora District Services Board is excited to be working with the City of Dryden and the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board on this relocation project.  By moving child care spaces into schools, we are ensuring that child care programs remain financially sustainable and that we are creating community services that better meet the needs of children and families.”

City of Dryden Mayor, Greg Wilson, stated “It makes much more sense for those who are in the business of student education to maintain child care programs instead of the City; in terms of both expertise and effective space utilization.”

KPDSB Director of Education, Sean Monteith, added “As a public school board, it always make sense to reduce the number of transitions in a child’s life for their education; having the earliest learners in our schools maintains consistency and allows for seamless transition into school.  It has been a pleasure to work with the City of Dryden and Kenora District Services Board in partnership.”


Beaver Brae teacher Pauline Martin receives prestigious provincial mathematics award

15 Jun. 2016

Media Release - June 15, 2016

The KPDSB is extremely proud to announce that Beaver Brae Secondary School teacher, Pauline Martin, has been awarded the prestigious Rene Descartes Foundation Award for the Advancement of Mathematics.

The award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to mathematics education in Ontario.  According to the Rene Descartes Foundation, the recipients of their awards are teachers who have devoted themselves to not only the cause of mathematics education, but also to the general well-being of students and their profession by establishing a record of excellence in teaching and making major contributions beyond the classroom.  The Rene Descartes Foundation awards only three individuals across Ontario each year and the award recipients become lifetime members.

Pauline Martin, teacher at Beaver Brae Secondary School, stated “It was a bit of a shock to find out that I would be receiving this award and the response from my colleagues at Beaver Brae, the community of Kenora and across Northwestern Ontario has been overwhelming.  It really means so much to me. I always tell my students that having the right attitude is a big deal where math is concerned and I think that belief is something that has helped to guide me in my work with our students over the years.”

Martin added “I have past students from across Canada who have been reaching out to congratulate me and it’s been extremely humbling.  I think that’s an important part of what all of us here at Beaver Brae do, we are a team that is making things happen for kids and that support extends far past the classroom or even graduation day.  I’m honoured to be a part of this school and to work with the team in it, I believe wholeheartedly in the work we are doing and that Beaver Brae is a strong, first-rate school in the region.”

Tracey Benoit, Principal of Beaver Brae Secondary School, said “It’s so wonderful to see Pauline recognized for her tireless efforts with our students, our school, our Board, and our community as well.  I feel honoured and privileged to work alongside of her.”     


KPDSB and ETFO ECE Bargaining Unit reach tentative settlement

26 May. 2016

Joint Media Release 

Thursday, May 26, 2016 - The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) and the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario have reached a tentative settlement within the Local Bargaining Framework with the Designated Early Childhood Educators (D.E.C.E.) Bargaining Unit.

The settlement was reached late afternoon on Friday, May 20, 2016.  Details remain confidential pending ratification by both parties.

The Keewatin-Patricia Early Childhood Educators first organized with the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario in June of 2014. This collective agreement represents their second full settlement with the Board.

Both the Bargaining Unit and the Board are excited to continue the excellent work provided through programming in the Early Learning Programs offered at Keewatin-Patricia District schools throughout the region.

For more information, please contact Sean Monteith, KPDSB Director of Education at (807) 468-5571 or Anne Saltel, President, Keewatin-Patricia Elementary Teachers Association at (807) 737-2163.                                   


KPDSB wins Community Partner Award with Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

16 May. 2016

Media Release - May 16, 2016 

The Keewatin Patricia District School Board was awarded one of this year’s Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities Community Partner Awards for its extremely successful work with the Charity over the past three years. The Board was represented in Toronto on Friday, May 13th at the Canadian Tire Corporate Head Offices by Director of Education Sean Monteith, who was also asked to address the Annual Recognition Meeting about the unique and impactful relationship between the KPDSB and Jumpstart.

Approximately 1,500 students across Northwestern Ontario benefit directly in KPDSB schools through the Board’s incredibly strong Hockey Canada Skills Academy program, swimming programs, athletic and outdoor physical programs, and equine horseback therapy program. .

The Community Partner Award recognizes extraordinary contributions from Jumpstart’s Community Partners. Jumpstart’s success depends largely on its committed Community Partners to help identify, assist and disburse funding for families in need. The KPDSB was recognized along with two other Community Partners at this year’s Jumpstart Annual Recognition Meeting including the City of Ottawa and the Township of Uxbridge.

In his comments, Monteith acknowledged that from an idea three years ago, to today, it was particularly gratifying to not just win the prestigious award, but more importantly to celebrate the direct impact the work had on kids: “By providing equipment, resources and transportation supports to students, we have noticed a direct link to improved attendance, self-esteem, and confidence. If we can get the kids into the school, we can make a difference, and with that an opportunity for children to see value in their lives, to graduate. I want to thank Scott Urquhart, the Board’s Student Success Leader for his tireless work in the interests of leveling the field for all kids through the work with Jumpstart.”

Dave Penney, KPDSB Chair of the Board of Trustees, added “Our relationship with Jumpstart has benefited numerous students and their families across our Board area.  We as a Board of Trustees are extremely proud of our partnership with Jumpstart and all that we have been able to accomplish together for our students.”


KPDSB revisits strategic direction, reviews efficacy work for system reform and change

11 May. 2016

Media Release - May 11, 2016

Trustees of the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board met at Sioux Narrows Public School on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, for a regular board meeting.

The May “Students Come First” presentation titled ‘Our Community, Our School, Our Future’ was received by Trustees. Students from Sioux Narrows Public School shared examples of many different types of support they receive from the community of Sioux Narrows. From visits to the school by area community professionals and volunteers to work with students, to fundraising efforts supported by area businesses, the kindness and generosity of the community of Sioux Narrows is a source of pride for the school. Students have built meaningful relationships with many members of the community and area schools in Nestor Falls and neighboring First Nation communities, and they expressed their gratitude for the opportunities these relationships have provided.

Teachers Janice England (Beaver Brae Secondary School), Melissa Ewanchuk, (Valleyview Public School) and Deneen Iverson (Evergreen Public School) presented the KPDSB System Efficacy Report. In 2014, the KPDSB underwent a System Efficacy Review, conducted by internationally recognized efficacy experts with Pearson Learning Services. Over the last three years, the KPDSB has engaged in a "whole-system" effort of reform and change with decisions centered about the Board's Vision Statement:

All Stakeholders create a culture of learning so that students come first.

To support the work of efficacy in the KPDSB and implementation of actions and decisions, a System Efficacy Working Group, comprised of staff from schools and departments across the KPDSB, has been implemented to advise the Board on decisions that impact classrooms and students and suggest areas of improvement. Representatives of the working group spoke passionately about the efficacy work taking place in the Board and shared their renewed pride in the organization with Trustees.

Sean Monteith, Director of Education, presented the Revised 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. In February, the Trustees and Director of Education met in Dryden tor a Strategic Planning Retreat to revisit the strategic direction of the organization. As a result, the Board’s Vision, and Mission Statements were reaffirmed, as was its first goal. Substantial changes were made to the remaining two goals around achievement gaps and 21st Century Learning.

Utilizing the System Efficacy Working Group, the recommended changes were taken back to staff to solicit feedback on the changes. All schools and staff in the KPDSB have had an opportunity to give feedback and the response to the suggested changes of the Board of Trustees has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. A copy of the revised 2013-2018 Strategic Plan is being distributed with this release.

Trustees welcomed a new Student Trustee for the 2016-2017 school year. Red Lake District High School student Justine Duncalfe will join the Board of Trustees beginning in September 2016 for a one year term. Student Trustee for the 2015-2016 school year, Kim Korobanik, will support Justine in preparing for the new role as a part of her final month on the Board.