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Lockdown Procedures

Inside School Building

During the lockdown phase, staff will focus on taking care of students and ensuring they are directed out of harm’s way.  To implement the lockdown phase, staff direct students to the closest secure area, remain with the students, and, if possible, lock doors to the area.  Assess whether anyone is injured and the severity of injuries.  Take appropriate measures to assist the injured without jeopardizing the safety of yourself or others.

Lockdown Procedures within Classrooms and Portables

Students are to move away from doors and windows, remain quiet and follow staff/police instructions.

  • Turn out lights and close windows (if safe to do so).
  • Individuals are to contact the office ONLY with vital information regarding the incident.
  • Cell phones are not to be used by staff or students unless communicating vital emergency information (excessive cell phone use may hinder or shut down access to vital communication lines).
  • Staff will take attendance in class and complete an attendance report.
  • Disregard the fire alarm system and school bells unless otherwise informed and it is safe to do so.
  • Staff, students and any other occupants are to remain in the secure location until notified by appropriate personnel on what actions to take.

Lockdown Procedures within Library, Cafeteria and Other Open Areas

Depending on the individual school plan and the situation (location and actions of the suspect) consideration must be given to the controlled evacuation of students to identified secure areas

Outside School Buildings

Not all students and staff will be inside the building when a violent incident occurs.  If you are outside the building, follow the steps outlined below: 

  • Move as far away from the school as possible.
  • Proceed to identified area if possible (see Individual School Plans).
  • Staff will monitor that students remain in the identified area.
  • Staff will take attendance.

Parents / Guardians Role

Parents should be encouraged to ensure contact information is kept up to date so they can easily be reached by staff in the event of an emergency.

Parents need to see lockdown drills as essential elements to prevent injury and good communication is required to eliminate fears and concerns.  Parents play a key role in ensuring students cooperation and participation in drills.

Please note:  This website is intended for information purposes. It is not a substitute for legal advice and is subject to all applicable laws and Keewatin-Patricia District School Board policies.   For more information, please contact your area superintendent or the office of Safe and Supportive Schools.