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French Language Programs
French Language Programs


We are pleased to offer French Immersion Programs at the following schools:

Click here for more info and our French Immersion FAQ.

The vision statement of the KPDSB is 'The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board puts students first by creating
a culture of learning'  This statement holds true in all of our programs, including our French Language programs. 

The advantages of learning to speak French at a functionally-bilingual level in our schools are numerous: students will be able to communicate with French-speaking people in Canada and around the world; they learn to understand and appreciate the history and evolution of their cultures; and, students benefit from a competitive advantage in the workforce (Ontario Curriculum: French as a Second Language, Ontario Ministry of Education, 2013).  Research has proven that second language learning strengthens first-language skills, cognitive development, reasoning, creative-thinking skills and builds student confidence. 

Our French Language programs teach and assess student learning in four strands: listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, like all other Ontario school boards, will implement the new Ontario French as a Second Language Curriculum in September 2014.  In preparation for the launch of this new curriculum, all KPDSB French as a Second Language teachers have taken part in curriculum training, and have had opportunities to take part in professional learning recently with French instructional specialists in areas of student engagement, best teaching practices, and student assessment.

Extended French Programming

The Extended French program is another way for students to pursue learning opportunities in French.  This optional program starts in grade 7 and provides for continued learning in the French Language. Students spend part of their school day studying language arts, physical education and health and science in French. In high school, students will take four credits in Extended French and three credits in other subjects taught in French.

Extended French Programming is currently available at Beaver Brae Secondary School in Kenora.

French as a Second Language Programming (Core French)

All Keewatin-Patricia District School Board elementary and secondary schools offer Core French language programming for students in grades 4-9.  Secondary schools offer additional elective French courses that follow the grades 10-12 Ontario curriculum (secondary programming may be dependent on enrolment, check with your local high school for more information).

Students who begin the program in Grade 4 continue the program, uninterrupted, through to Grade 8.  During this time, a minimum of 600 hours of French instructional time must be accumulated.  In most schools, this adds up to approximately 200 minutes of French language instruction per week.  At the secondary level, students must obtain either one Grade 9 Core French credit (or one Grade 9 Native Language credit available for students who have followed this track instead of French as a Second Language) to be eligible to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) at the end of Grade 12.

In addition to our Core French program, the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board also offers a French Immersion Full-Day Early Learning - Kindergarten Program at New Prospect Public School in Dryden (new for September 2015) and at Valleyview Public School in Kenora.  The families of our French Immersion program at Valleyview tell us they couldn't be happier with the learning their children have been participating in!  

For more information about French Language programming and teaching opportunities within the KPDSB, please inquire to Ann McDonald, Curriculum Administrator by email at