The Keewatin Patricia
District School Board puts
students first by creating
a culture of learning
Kenora - Head Office
4th Floor - 240 Veterans Drive, Kenora, ON P9N 3Y5
Phone: 807-468-5571 Fax: 807-468-3857
Toll Free: 877-275-7771
Dryden - Office
79 Casimir Ave, Dryden, ON P8N 2Z6
Phone: 807-223-5311
Toll Free: 877-287-5430
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Contact Information - Learning Technology
Contact Information - Learning Technology

Helpdesk, KPDSB Support Specialist

807-223-5311 x259 -

Responsibilities: All technical inquiries/problems for KPDSB are to go through the Dryden Support Specialist. The Support Specialist can also be reached via Voice-Over-IP at the Dryden Board Office (VOIP 20 x259).

Bryan Beal, Learning Technology Manager

807-468-5571 x275 -

Responsibilities: Kenora area; WAN; Virtualization


Colin Hillier, IS Technician

807-223-5311 x291 -

Responsibilities: SIoux Lookout, Savant and Pickle Lake areas; Google; Virtualization; OESS Software.

Chris Roulston, IS Technician

807-727-2092 x1147 -

Responsibilities: Red Lake and Ear Falls areas

Bruce Houstoun, IS Technician

807-223-5311 x252 -

Responsibilities: Dryden area, Wireless Infrastructure, VOIP, Google

Dave Weaver, Network Administrator

807-223-5311 x271 -

Responsibilities: WAN; Dryden, Upsala and Ignace Areas; Video Conferencing

Mark Derewianko, IS Technician

807-468-5571 x251 -

Responsibilities: Kenora area

Mark Johnson, IS Technician

807-223-5311 x262 -

Responsibilities: Dryden High School; System Support Specialist

Murray Cook, Database Administrator/Developer

807-223-5311 x292 -

Responsibilities: Developing and Managing Databases