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Operations Department

Staff are responsible for interior building enviorment management and maintenance. Duties at schools involve elements such as building security, heating, cleaning, indoor air quality, district facility rentals, minor repairs, maintenance, and safety inspections.



The Facilities Caretaking Department consist of 49 staff, (4) Head Custodian and (45) Custodians positions with a compliment of approx. (20) Casual Custodian that is distributed and maintains 23 sites with a total of 952,214 square feet of facilities.

Caretaking Profile


Energy Management

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) is committed to environmental action and environmental education in all of its schools. This section of our web site will tell you how the KPDSB is saving energy, reducing costs and providing a healthier environment for staff and students by retrofitting its buildings under the Energy Management Program. You will also find helpful information about energy and energy conservation.

Energy Management & Conservation Program


Building Controls Systems


 Lead Testing

By law, as an owner/operator of a drinking water system it must be ensured that, (1) the system's water meets Ontario's Drinking Water Quality Standards, (2) anyone who operates or works on their system is properly trained and licensed, (3) drinking water tests are done by licensed, accredited labratories, and (4) adverse test results are reported to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the local media officer of health. 

As a designated large, non-residental water system (i,e., daycares, schools, hospitals, etc.) the schools within the Keewatin Patricia District School Board must be both licensed and registered and have records on hand for a minimum of two years in relation to flushing and sample collection. 

Water Reports



Enviromental Health & Safety Services


Water Flushing

According to Health Canada, research shows that exposure to even small amounts of lead can be harmful to human health, especially for young children, infants and pregnant women. The flushing of plumbing has been shown to reduce lead levels in water at the tap. 

Ontario Regulation 243/07 is intended to reduce children's exposure to lead in drinking water. The regulation requires the flushing of  plumbing in schools, private schools and day nurseries.

This chart gives a summary of the regulation requirements under O. Reg. 243/07 - Water Flushing Requirements 

Depending on the circumstances, water must be flushed either daily or weekly within the school, private school, or day nurseries centre. The following illustrates the expected flushing schedule:


 Steps if Sampling is Done on a Day When Daily or Weekly Flushing is Required


KPDSB 5 Year Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan & Energy Consumptions