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Maintenance & Construction
Maintenance & Construction

Facilities Department provides services to schools, which includes all matters related to building and grounds maintenance, alteration projects, preventive maintenance projects and working. The Maintenance Department provides managerial and supervisory work in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating the services and activities related to air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical and refrigeration. It is also responsible for ensuring appropriate preventive maintenance for all school buildings. It is responsible for the up-keep of all Keewatin Patricia District School Board facilities including the Dryden Regional Training Centre, the Sioux Lookout Access Centre and 10 residentual housing units used by staff. 

Maintenance Department

The Facilities Maintenance Department consist of 15 staff with a wide variety of expertise and trades, (2) Electrical System Technicians and (13) Trade/Maintenandce positions distributed and maintaining 23 sites with a total of 952,214 square feet of facilities.

Maintenance Profile

KPDSB Facilities Work Order System

Any individual that is an employee of the Keewatin District School may enter a request for work by using their network login and password. Once a request for work has been submitted individuals, will recieve e-mails regarding the status of their request.

Submit a Work Order

Minor Capital Projects

This is an overall view of the system needs and the planning process. Items are generated by the school principals through the Facilities work order system. Facilities staff includes potential project candidates based on school condition.

Minor Capital Projects

Asbestos Management Plan (AMP)

The Asbestos Management Program (AMP) provides information and procedures for Asbestos Management in various buildings and schools owned by the Keewatin Patricia District School Board (KPDSB). It applies to all categories of property with the exception of vacant lands. The AMP applies to all KPDSB staff, as well as all service providers and contractors performing work in KPDSB facilities.

Hazardous Materials Inventor System (HMIS) available only to maintenance staff

Confined Spaces

An assessment completed of all crawl spaces within KPDSB facilities designates these spaces as "Restricted Spaces" and fall under the Restricted Space Procedure. Before any work can proceed in "Restricted Spaces" a Confined Space Hazard Assessment sheet is to be completed to determine if Confined Space Entry Procedure are to be implimented. Confined Space Entry Procedures prescribes minimum specific measures that must be taken to ensure safety of all personnel entering a confined space, vessel or other enclosed spaces. Is this space a confined or restricted space?

Confined Space Hazard Assessment sheets

School Restricted space drawings

Lockout Procedures

The following lockout procedures apply to everyone who will be working on a motor, motor control or equipment operated bay a motor or other electrical device.

Fall Protection Program

KPDSB's Fall Protection Program requires a fall arrest system to be used if any risk exists that a worker may fall from an elevated position. Proper use of fall arrest systems can save lives and reduce the potential of serious injuries from a fall. All workers working in a personal lift or on ladders at heights where they could fall 3m (10 ft) must be trained and competent.