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Kenora - Head Office
4th Floor - 240 Veterans Drive, Kenora, ON P9N 3Y5
Phone: 807-468-5571 Fax: 807-468-3857
Toll Free: 877-275-7771
Dryden - Office
79 Casimir Ave, Dryden, ON P8N 2Z6
Phone: 807-223-5311
Toll Free: 877-287-5430
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Maintenance Profile
Maintenance Profile

In the process of amalgamation that took place in 1997 between the three Boards of Education (Dryden, Kenora and Red Lake Board) in becoming the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board, the maintenance services have been restructured.

A site based model was implemented with Principals of the schools responsible for assigned maintenance staff under their supervision.

West Area and an East Area Supervisors have been established as the main resource for the principals and to assist Principals in planning, organizing, implementation and the operation of school-based maintenance functions.

The maintenance staff of the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board are members of Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1939 and work under the terms of a jointly established collective agreement.

An electronic work order system is in place to assist in the organization of work and development of budgets. A preventive maintenance component is presently being designed.

Principal of a school in conjunction with maintenance staff are responsible for developing a maintenance plan with the use of a Facilities Condition Evaluation and monthly inspection reports having a direct impact on the condition and the operational cost of a facility.

A School Facility Inventory System, SFIS is available on the Ministry of Educations website and has public access to school facility survey results that have been completed since 2000.

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board is a member of the Energy Innovators and has been nominated for awards, recognized for its innovation, cost effective operations and environmental sensitivity.