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Dryden Hockey Canada Skills Academy
Dryden Hockey Canada Skills Academy


Dryden/Vermilion Bay Area Hockey Canada Skills Academies

Just contact your child's school to register!

Visit our Facebook page for a glimpse inside our Dryden and Vermilion Bay academies, click here!

Lillian Berg - 227-2152
New Prospect - 223-4713
Open Roads - 223-4418
Dryden High School - 223-2316

*Students currently registered in our hockey academies do not need to re-register each year, your child will continue in the program year to year unless notice is given by the family that a child will no longer participate.  



COACH Brett Lobreau -  new prospect, open roads and lillian berg - GRADES 4-6

Coach Brett Lobreau

Biography - Coach Brett Lobreau

My name is Brett Lobreau, born and raised in Dryden, where I attended both elementary and high school.  Hockey is one of my all-time passions that has given me a sense of drive throughout my life. I started out in Dryden Minor Hockey, making the AA atom team, played in Girls’ House League, Eagles Varsity, then on to play top-level University. I graduated high school as an Ontario Scholar with my French immersion certificate, and the ‘Female Athlete of the Year’ title. In 2009, I attended Lindenwood University in St. Charles Missouri on scholarship. It was an ACHA Division 1 hockey program at the time, and I worked towards my Physical Education degree.  Our team won a national championship and I was named 2nd team all American for the league. After two years of playing hockey at that level, my school took our team to NCAA division 1. At the NCAA division 1 level, I served as captain of the Lindenwood Lions for my final two years of university. I graduated Lindenwood with a bachelor of arts in Physical Education in 2014.

Through all these experiences, my passion for the sport has grown, and hockey has become an integral part of my life. After university, while working as a supply teacher, I served as assistant coach for both the Girls high school hockey and soccer teams.  

I have had my eye on the hockey academy since I discovered its existence. I am excited about the idea that a student’s love for the game could be incorporated into their daily curriculum. Students not only have the opportunity to develop their skill as a player, but this program also cultivates character-building skills such as respect, teamwork, discipline and responsibility. I have built life-long friendships and experienced unbelievable opportunities because of the sport. I am happy to be coming in at this stage of the Academy and am eager to give back a little of what hockey has given me.


Coach Bill Reid

Biography - Coach Bill Reid

Education and hockey have been the epitome of my entire life. I attended school regularly within the KPDSB and enjoyed every day of it. I can echo the same sentiment regarding hockey in terms of being passionate about being there regularly for practices and games.  This has built a lifetime foundation for me in terms of time management, responsibility, respect, integrity, dedication, and commitment. These life skills were driven deep and after graduation, I wanted to give back to the community and the volunteers who provided me with such a rewarding opportunity as a child. Therefore I decided it was time to be involved with Dryden Minor Hockey Association. Here are some of my accomplishments over my playing a coaching lifetime.

  • Played in Dryden Minor Hockey Association from about age 5-16. This included several “AA” teams.
  • Played for Dryden Eagles from grade 9-11.
  • Went on to play in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League for Kenora Thistles in grade 12 and attended Beaver Brae.
  • Offered and accepted a scholarship to the University of Michigan in the NCAA Division 1 at age 18.
  • Began coaching career after graduation from the University of Michigan.
  • Coached in DMHA for 20 years. This included “A” and “AA” teams. Coached “AAA” in Thunder Bay with summer hockey.
  • Coached for about 10 years in Dryden Girls Hockey.
  • Won a gold medal in Ontario Provincial Bantam “BB” girls hockey with a team selected from Northwestern Ontario.
  • Currently, I have my D1 coaching certification and the Hockey Canada Skills Academy training qualifications from a clinic in Calgary in 2015.
  • Currently teacher/coach of New Prospect Hockey Canada Skills Academy for grade 7/8 students.

I feel my experience in attending our local KPDSB schools and both playing and coaching hockey provide me with a strong background in teaching the Hockey Academy. The students all understand the curriculum is the main focus of our day. As a child, I grasped the importance of education and the doors it opens so I pass this onto the students. The hockey or athletic component is the “driver” that keeps the students engaged in every area of the curriculum.

Goals for my Students in the Academy

  • Always finish any curriculum assignment which they are responsible for.
  • Be respectful of all students, staff, and administration in the school setting.
  • Set realistic academic goals and athletic goals and persevere to achieve them.

COACH Geoff zilkans - dryden high school - GRADES 9-12

Biography - Coach Geoff Zilkans

Coach ZilkansI am very proud to be a member of an excellent staff at DHS, a staff who regularly seek to put the needs of kids first. Like many of my colleagues I see the value of educating the whole child through mechanisms such as extracurriculars and non-traditional courses. If a student gets exercise and challenges through an activity they enjoy other areas of education will also benefit.

I have taught at DHS for 22 years and been involved as Athletic Director and a football coach for most of those years. A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, I have experience teaching Physical Education, History, Math, Geography and more. My career has reinforced my perception of the value each department and subject have in a complete education.

The hockey background I bring to the position includes years working as the coach within Dryden Minor and Dryden Girl’s Hockey Associations along with a 2-year stint as an assistant coach of the McGill women’s team. I have been a certified referee in the past and officiated the last time Dryden hosted the OFSAA championships. As a parent, educator, player and coach I feel I have a healthy and broad view of the role the game can play in someone’s life. I look forward to the challenge of the new program.


The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board continues to partner with Hockey Canada, and Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO) to provide our students with an elite Hockey Canada Skills Academy program. The Dryden area Hockey Canada Skills Academy is designed to challenge and inspire all students who participate. It is a complete program that includes a strong focus on academics, as well as on-ice skills, off-ice strength and conditioning, mental training, and personal and team development. On-ice sessions include hockey fundamentals such as skating, puck handling, checking, passing, and tactics. When students are not on the ice they are exposed to sport-specific fitness training, floorball, stickhandling and shooting.

This is a great program for those students wanting to enhance their current skill set and also provides an opportunity to introduce the game to students new to hockey who want to play for the first time. The Academy is open to all students in grades 4-12 in the Dryden and Vermilion Bay areas. The program operates during the school day, from September to April each year.

Your Dryden area Hockey Canada Skills Academy coaches, Brett Lobreau (elementary), Bill Reid (New Prospect - Grade 7 and 8), and Geoff Zilkans (Grade 9-12 at Dryden High School) are committed to the development of each player in the program and providing personalized and directed strategies for improvement. The individual needs of each player are identified by analyzing their academics, hockey skills, strength and conditioning and future goals. As hockey is a team sport, students are then taught how to use their skills to support their team. All program participants will receive both on and off ice training.

Focusing on individual improvement and team building helps maximize a student’s development potential. The program will offer on-going skill development that will, in turn, create the opportunity to build on individual skills in addition to team development.

The Dryden area Hockey Canada Skills Academy has been accredited by Hockey Canada. The framework of the program is consistent with the standards for development set by Hockey Canada. As well, it is in full compliance with the Ministry of Education provincial learning outcomes for physical education.

Who can apply for the program?

Any boy or girl enrolled in a KPDSB school in Dryden or Vermilion Bay in grades 4-12 can apply. 

Does my child have to play hockey?

No. Any child regardless of their hockey skill level may apply to enroll in the program. We will also develop our program to ensure that students who have experience and/or are enrolled in minor hockey have the opportunity to further develop their skill level.

Will my child need to bring equipment?

We expect that some students will have equipment and others will need assistance. We will be working with corporate sponsors such as JumpStart Canada to help support the needs of our students and their families.
On-Ice Hockey Conditioning Program Highlights:

•             90 - 270 minutes per week depending on grade level
•             Detailed break-down of all facets of the game, both individually and team oriented
•             Qualified on-ice coaching staff

Off-Ice Conditioning Program Highlights:

•             Qualified off-ice training staff
•             Nutrition and supplement guidance

Mental Training Highlights:

•             Goal setting
•             Positive reinforcement
•             Self Discipline